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Your Emotions Can Get You in Trouble. This Is Why…

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Do you remember the last time something triggered you? You felt anxious, tense, agitated… We are all human and trust me it happens to everyone!

Always remember the next time someone tries to trigger you by insulting you, doing or saying something that irritates you, take a long, deep breath and switch off your ego. I will tell you why…

Managing your emotions isn’t the same as suppressing them. The last thing you want is to do something irrational that can be damaging to your reputation or damaging to a relationship. At one point or another, we all do things or say things we wish we didn’t. We express words or actions that were never intended. We are all human.

By managing your emotions you can ensure your next move will bring you a step forward, towards the solution or even allow others to feel more at peace. Your next move can of support for yourself and others. Try to step back and think about how you would advise a friend that would experience the same situation. Having the ability to calculate your emotions is a very powerful skill that is hard to come by, yet so important to have!

When it comes to relationships hard times are bound to happen, but the way we react to it can either break or strengthen the relationship drastically! Be an example of strength, be the mediator, manage your emotions and you will experience many fulfilling relationships in your life!

Switch off your ego and try to gain a full understanding of your emotions. Take a deep breath, collect yourself, and allow your next move to be thought through instead of reactive.

Here is a scenario… You are in a heated situation and the next thing you want to do is scream, throw your arms in the air, and pace back and forth! Your emotions are on a high! So how do you take control of them?

  1. Label your emotions — This practice can help you understand what you are experiencing. In time you will see how often you experience the same emotions. You can reflect on how you managed that emotion in the past and this will make it easier for you to manage in the future.
  2. Reframe your thoughts — Create a life that is filled with more positive thoughts. Let’s say you receive a phone call from your child's school. The first thing you think of is that they got in trouble or they are sick right? What if they are calling to let you know your child is succeeding in school and they want to move your child to the next grade? You never know right! Stay positive my friends! It can make a HUGE difference!
  3. STOP! And do something that will boost your mood! — Do something that you enjoy, something that will put your mind at ease. Go for a walk, listen to music, pray… Anything that you feel can inspire a better mood.

Have confidence in who you are and don’t take offence. Never allow the opportunity for someone to take advantage of you! Make a healthy choice and you will feel more confident with your emotions each day. Stand strong by doing and saying the right thing. Soon enough your emotions will positively impact your life. You will feel happier and more fulfilled.

I believe in you!

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