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Tired Of Being Pushed Down? How To Make Life Easier!

Tired Of Being Pushed Down? How To Make Life Easier!

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Roadblocks, rejections, detours… we all experience it. Remember you are not the only one! These experiences take place in your life in order to guide you and not to prevent you from your blessings!

That bump in the road is there to protect you and save you from the things that are not meant for you! Never stop trying my friend. Always remember your season is coming!

Times get tough and I will be honest, sometimes that alarm goes off in the morning and all I want to do is continue to sleep. Trust me I never benefited from that approach! I found a reminder, a little nudge can be a huge help. I can do that for you!

Remember, each one of us is more than capable of accomplishing anything we want in life! Believe it or not, there are many familiar people that experienced a challenging journey before you knew their name.

Abraham Lincoln -

At one point he was known as the most defeated man in the world. After losing eight elections and failed in two business ventures he experienced a nervous breakdown. He could have quit many times, but instead, he became one of the greatest presidents in history!

Colonel Sanders (KFC) -

He experienced many challenges before becoming successful. His father died at the age of 5 and had the responsibility to help raise his siblings. Due to this occurrence, he learned how to cook. He had many jobs but could not hold them down. He got divorced at 49 and then his son passed away at a very young age. At this point in his life, he was suicidal but decided to pick up and push forward.

Next, he decided to sell his one of a kind chicken and it soon became a hit. When opening his first restaurant he was so poor and struggled so much that he lived from his car and had to beg friends for food.

Despite Colonel's many challenges his company launched at the age of 65 and his idea became one of the largest restaurant chains in the world. It is never too late!

Steven King -

The first book Steven wrote (Carrie) was rejected 30 times. At his 31st attempt, he threw out his manuscript. His wife retrieved it and asked him to try one more time. It is great that he decided to listen because her advice changed his life forever!

I hope this list inspired you and trust me it can definitely continue. I am sure I can list pages of more success stories where many challenges were faced before success was accomplished.

The moral of the story is NEVER GIVE UP! Keep on trying because you never know if that next push could be life-changing! It will happen for you! Just believe in yourself and never stop pushing!

Stay strong and always trust and believe that your blessings are just around the corner because they are! Stay focused and patient, pray, and ask. Always smile because life is great and your blessings will come true. They will! Sending love!!

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