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The Best Way to Overcome a Bad Day

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So you had a really bad day! I get it. Don’t you wish each day could be filled with gumdrops and sunshine? I am sorry to break it to you but unfortunately, that isn’t reality!

When faced with a bad day it feels like you are constantly walking into walls and dragging yourself through the next few minutes can feel so daunting!

What if you can turn this scenario around? What if you could press the pause button on these feelings and look at a challenging day from a brand new perspective instead of letting it constantly bring you down!?

So how do you do that? Just ask yourself these 5 questions!

  1. What do I need right now?

Maybe when you stop yourself you realize you are rushing around, trying to get everything done. Does that mean what you need is to sit down? Do you need to grab a glass of water? You know yourself best and you will know what to do next in order to calm the situation.

2. What does this situation want to teach me?

This question can be an awakening. The best way to realize something about our habits is when we are doing it. It is hard to see ourselves and grow when we are not mindful of our actions and our feelings.

3. What am I being asked to let go of?

You are moving deeper at this point and you are asking yourself an actionable question that can really make a positive difference in your life. It is a person, is it a bad habit? Asking yourself this question can turn a negative day into many days of happiness.

4. How can I grow/evolve?

At that moment make sure you acknowledge that this experience is helping you grow. Will it change the way you look at things in the future? You might remember an action you made at a particular point and you may want to take note to react differently next time?

5. How can I show myself, love?

At the same time, don’t overthink the situation, and don’t get upset with yourself or be hard on yourself! This is an opportunity to grow.

Treat yourself! You had a wild day and maybe all you need right now is a warm cup of tea and a good book! Do it! You deserve it. Do something that you enjoy! Yes, you had a rough day, but you should be proud of yourself! Celebrate, because you just took a major step forward in your life and that my friend is a BIG accomplishment!

If it wasn’t for the bad days we wouldn’t appreciate the good ones! From this day forward ask yourself those questions when times get tough and let your challenges turn into a positive experience that can help you grow!

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