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Jessica’s Top 5 Gift Giving Ideas!

Dedicated to protecting our environment, passionate about healthy living, and the queen of travel adventures!  It has been an epic journey experiencing the world through Jessica’s camera lens! This girl has seen it all!   

It is a pleasure to introduce to you the top 5 items that Jessica loves to use through her daily adventures.  Items that make her life easier each day as they will yours or those you love.

With Christmas just around the corner, her top 5 items will make gift-giving a breeze this year!

“I love Hello Difference and their products! It is a pleasure to collaborate with them knowing a portion of each purchase is donated to communities in need.  Let’s give back this Christmas, because as a community we can make a difference!” 

-- Jessica Olivia


Fave Gift Idea 1 - Goodness Mason Zip-Top Silicone Bag!

Get a pack for only $10! + Free Shipping

  • Dishwasher safe
  • 4 Different sizes
  • Food grade silicone!

“SO much better than Ziplock bags! More durable and they come in a variety of sizes, even a long pouch for spaghetti noodles! These reusable bags are great for storing that leftover snack or grabbing it on the go! Plastic bags are one of the worst pollutants in the world, so by using these I feel not only better about myself, but I am also helping our planet stay green!” 

-- Jessica Olivia

You can find this lovely item right here - Click Here


Fave Gift Idea 2 - Sleep Easy-Melatonin Sleep Aid

Only $18.97 + Free Shipping

Did you know when wearing an eye mask to sleep our body naturally produces melatonin, the sleeping hormone!

  • Do you sleep next to a snorer?
  • Great for listening to music while enjoying outdoor sports like biking, walking, jogging…
  • Do you like to listen to music or some background noise when falling asleep?
  • Do you have a hard time sleeping while traveling?
  • P.S. It's easy to clean!

“This is a great two-in-one product. Firstly, as an early morning runner, the soft, stretchy fleece headband keeps my ears warm when the morning dew keeps the air cool. The headband has built-in earphones that stay in place and don’t fall out. That’s a major plus! Secondly, it’s great to use if you have trouble falling asleep.”

-- Jessica Olivia

You can find this lovely item right here - Click Here


Fave Gift Idea 3 - Prima - PM 2.5 Reusable Face Masks

Only $18.97 + 10 Free Filters + Free Shipping

  • Made from 100% cotton
  • The ventilation system makes it easy to breathe cleaner air
  • Available in children’s sizes

“The face mask of all face masks.  Durable, breathable, and it doesn’t move on my face when I smile or talk. It is a huge plus that it comes with free refill filters.  I feel very confident leaving my home with this mask on and not being of risk of catching any viral infection!”

-- Jessica Olivia

You can find this lovely item right here - Click Here 


Fave Gift Idea 4 - Nourish Bamboo Face Wipes

Only $19.97 + Free Shipping

Did you know we dispose of approximately 20 million face wipes each day! Wow! That doesn’t sound good does it!

These are:

  • 100% bamboo & cotton
  • Reusable, it even comes in a laundry bag so that you won’t lose them in the wash!
  • Great for travel
  • Soft enough to use on children!
  • They can be used up to 1000 times.  Saving you tons of money!

“These are awesome in too many ways! It turns out the colors are super handy! Cotton balls or pads are usually used all around the house, but only once and then they are thrown out. But in order to save the planet with reusables, these are awesome! I use them in color codes: the white for my face, pink for medical uses, blue for cleaning, and pink for misc.!”

-- Jessica Olivia

You can find this lovely item right here - Click Here


Fave Gift Idea 5 - Ninja Lid - Reusable Food and Container Lids

Only $17.90 for a pack of 6

Get the second pack for only $7

A Free E-Book - 15 Minute Healthy Meals

Free Shipping

WOW, that’s a lot of fun in one place! Well, it’s the holidays and we want to give!

  • Food grade, reusable silicone
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • You can use it on square-shaped dishes as well
  • A space saver! Less Tupperware and you can stack it up in the fridge!
  • A great way to save money and the earth by avoiding plastic wrap
  • An amazing solution to lost lids!
  • Comes in 6 different sizes for different needs

“Extremely handy and convenient to use! When using cling wrap or similar brands I always had trouble putting it on! These lids enable a much easier application on anything from cups and bowls to Tupperware when you lost the lid!”

-- Jessica Olivia

You can find this lovely item right her - Click Here 


Well, that’s a wrap! Pun intended!

We hope these helpful products sparked some gift ideas for someone very special… Or for yourself, I won’t tell. ;) 

Also, because we love you (oh yes, we do!) we want to give you $20 when you spend only $35! Use the code JESSICA at the checkout. The prices are amazing! So with this deal, you could take care of 3 gifts in one shot! 

Step 1 - Place $35 of any item of your choice in your cart

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Step 3 - Use the code JESSICA at the checkout

Offer ends Dec. 10th Midnight EST time

We care about our communities and that is why Hello Difference will donate a portion of your purchase to communities in need of support.

~ Sending you and your family blessings of health and happiness this Christmas! Let’s do what we can to make the world a better place! ~

Sending Love & Warm Wishes,

Hello Difference & Jessica Olivia



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