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How to Achieve Balance in Your Life With 3 Simple Steps

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It is so easy to get caught up in the business of life. We let it take over our day and the next thing we are doing is falling face down on the couch, ready to pass out instead of enjoying our last moments of the day doing something that makes us happy. A warm bath, reading a book, exercising… HAH! That would be great!!

Finding balance in our life is not a simple task and if you are able to accomplish it, good for you! A BIG pat on the back! Most of us still need to get to that stage! And that’s okay! I am here to help. I can make this easy for you!

You are 3 steps away from living a balanced life!

Step 1 — Always remember you are worth more than society's expectations of you!

Avoid being influenced by the expectations of society and focus on your needs and what you love. Make time for you! 

I know you have heard this many times and I know it can be hard to do, so this is what I do to accomplish downtime. Designate a specific time during the day where you will put a STOP to anything you were working on. For me, it is at 9 pm. I find that is the best time to slow down and support a good night's rest. 

Let family and friends know what time you have designated for downtime so that they will leave you alone! Haha!…. Yah, I’m not kidding.

Step 2 — Reassess yourself

Make it a mindful practice to stop in the middle of the day and look back at how your day is coming together or falling apart. This could be during your lunch break. Are you running around? Are you off track or off schedule? Do you need to recollect yourself? And how are you going to do that so that you can continue your day without your head spinning!

Our minds are powerful and it can control our day in any way you decide to direct it!

Step 3 — Your body is telling you something!

Always listen to your body! If you are feeling tired, unmotivated it is okay to stop everything you were doing! You could be coming down with a cold, or you forgot to rest the day before and by this point, your body had enough! Whatever it is listen to your body because if you don’t you will break down, you will be cranky, and unproductive. No one wants that to happen! 

You want to be balanced, healthy, happy, and full of energy! It is so important to listen to your body!

Keep these 3 steps in mind each day. Make it a habit and before you know it you will be skipping to work each morning! Really!

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