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Exhausted? Did Life Trap you in a Hamster Wheel? Do you Want OUT!?

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Does this sound familiar to you?… You wake up really early, your eyes are puffy and they barely open, you are half awake. Next, you make breakfast for yourself or for your family. You are scrambling to get to work. You start your workday and you are so busy that your day is gone in a flash! You barely have time to think!

Next you prep dinner for the family, you have to get groceries, you have to clean the dishes, you have to fold the laundry, you have to prep lunch for the next day, you have to take out the trash… Ufff… It doesn’t stop, does it? Your head is spinning! Your life is a constant juggling act!

What if you can put a stop to that? That would be nice, wouldn’t it?

Life will get busy! That’s a fact, but we can’t let it take over us! If we can’t find a balance we will feel miserable and unfulfilled!

Finding a balance can be challenging! So how do you do it?

  1. Find one day a week to relax. Do NOTHING or whatever it is that makes you happy! I find Saturdays work best for me, but pick a day that works best for you!

Did you know, having one day a week to relax can help reduce stress, reduce high blood pressure, and improve mental health! It also helps our digestion, allowing us to absorb nutrients. One day of relaxation each week can help fight infections or diseases!

I know we all live busy lives but one day to relax is possible for anyone. Someone once told me “the devil will keep us busy so that we forget what is important in life.” After I heard that it really made sense! I make sure to keep that in mind because it is so easy in today’s day and age to be “busy.”

Before you start your day plan out your priorities. You don’t have to finish everything at once! I was really good at “trying” to be a busy bee, but trust me I wasn’t successful at it! I just felt like I was living in a hamster wheel! Prioritizing my day was challenging at first, but I tried and it made the world of a difference!

  1. It is okay to ask for help!

Do you have kids, family, a spouse, close friend? Kids can help with chores. It will take a lot off your shoulders, and it will help your child develop a sense of responsibility and accomplishment. Completing chores will support their self-esteem and problem-solving skills. It is so important for their development! And for your sanity!

Share responsibilities with your spouse. It will make both of you feel a sense of relief and it can even improve your relationship! It’s all about teamwork!

If you are facing a large project like home renovations, lawn work… It is okay to reach out to a family or friend! They can help, you can spend more time with them, your task will be fun, and it can strengthen your relationship!

I really believe we are placed on this earth to support each other. We all face daily challenges, but people around us can help make a positive difference! Yes, they can drive us crazy, but they can make our lives easier as well!

     3. What is important to you? What makes you happy? DO THAT!

At the end of the day, what is important to you? What will make you happy? Take time for family, friends, take time for your inner peace. Read, go hiking, pray, eat your favorite dessert, paint, watch a good movie… Whatever it is that makes you happy! DO IT! Only you know what that is and you deserve it.

Be grateful for even the small things in life, put a smile on your face, even if you need to force it and you will immediately experience a positive difference. Never forget to just STOP! Even for a moment. You will be so happy you did!

Try these three simple tips and before you know it you wouldn’t be living for your next vacation! Let me know how it goes! I believe in YOU!

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