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5 Things Every Over Thinker Needs to Know and How to Stop the Habit!

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Its a beautiful day and you are working from home. Do you go outside? It's really nice out, but there are so many bugs! So you go inside… But you are inside all that time and you need the fresh air… you go back outside… But it's supposed to rain soon! So now you go back inside. I am not even kidding this happened to me the other day! I had one foot inside and the other foot outside and I just stood there for a while contemplating. Oh boy!

Being an overthinker isn’t always a good thing. Many great solutions are not as complicated as we make it. When we overthink our judgments get cloudy and our stress level elevates. You reach the point where it can be difficult to take action.

“Don’t get too deep, it leads to overthinking, and overthinking leads to problems that don’t even exist in the first place.” — Jayson Engay

Are you ready to step back and put an end to this? Okay, enough is enough… I know you what you are doing right now. Don’t overthink it! Let’s do this!

  1. Overcoming a problem

When you are faced with a problem most of the time the harm or the stress you feel is caused by your thoughts. Take a look at your perspective, the situation usually isn’t as challenging as we make it to be.

Most of the time the problem isn’t the problem. The way you think about it is the problem.

2. Overthinking can hold you back in life

You feel like you don’t have the qualifications to apply to your dream job, so you don’t apply. You feel like your article isn’t good enough, so you don’t publish it…

Whatever it is that you want in your life go for it! Never doubt yourself!

3. Ask yourself this…

When you think about a previous occurrence, something you said to someone, or a mistake you made STOP criticizing yourself. You are worth so much more than that!

Instead, ask yourself “is there anything I can do right now to change the past or positively influence the future?”

If the answer is yes — do it right now!

If the answer is no — its time to bring peace into your life and walk away!

4. So are your thoughts facts?

Chances are your thoughts are creating scenarios. This can trigger insecurities, worries, or fears. Most of the time those thoughts are only terrifying fictional stories.

5. Health starts in your mind

The anxiety you feel will not benefit or change your future. No amount of regret will change your past. This is something we need to realize and accept in order to move past this habit and find peace and comfort within.

You can sprint to work every day with a banana in your left hand and a bottle of water in your right hand, but you will not live a healthy life without managing and having control over your thoughts.

Make it a practice to realize what you are doing and discontinue overthinking. Stop yourself in your tracks before your thoughts spiral out of control. Grow each day while seeing the challenges in your life as a step forward instead of a step backward and together we can overcome this!

I made the decision! I am going to work outside today.

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