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3 Simple Steps That Will Boost Your Productivity

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You begin your day with SO much on your plate and before you have a chance to blink 8 am turns to 5 pm. Where did the day go? It just slipped through your hands! Just like that!

What if you could accomplish more in your day? Stay focused throughout all of the distractions and by 5 pm you can have a clearer mind. All of your to-dos are out of sight and out of mind!

Just follow these 3 simple steps and you can kick your feet up at night without worrying about what you will face the next day!

Step 1 — Start your day knowing your intention

Let’s back that up! The best way to know your intention for the day is to plan the night before! The night before is the best time to make a list because all of your tasks are fresh in your mind.

Many people avoid structure, I know we are all different, but a list can really make a positive difference in your day!

Prioritize the tasks on your list. Add a number beside the task so that you know what comes first and what comes last. Beside that task include the time that you expect to have it completed. There is a better chance that you will have the task completed earlier if you have a planned completion time.

I pick tasks that are low-focus first thing in the morning and towards the end of the day, like reading emails. By 10 am I proceed with more intricate tasks.

When you start your day you will see that list on your desk and you will know your mission, your intention right away. Let's get at it!

Make sure your work environment is comfortable.  If you are comfortable nothing will irritate you and you can remain focused.  Raise your computer to avoid eye, neck and back strain.  Click here to view an excellent tool in order to accomplish this!

Step 2 — Take a break!

Your head is buried in the computer, or you are running around and you can’t catch a breath. That has to stop! Before you know it your mind is everywhere and as important as productivity is so is quality. Maybe if you took a break you could complete the task more efficiently with a clear mind.

I know that could be hard to do! You have so much going on! but that break doesn’t have to take long!

Here is a trick that works for me and maybe it can work for you! For every 25 minutes of focused work take a 5-minute break. Set a timer on your watch or phone as a reminder in case you get distracted. Try it out!

Step 3 — Avoid temptation!

It is so easy to get distracted! You hear that ping noise from your phone. Mike sent you a message on Facebook or a funny video popped up on YouTube. Back away!! Sorry to break it to you but avoid temptation even during breaks! Focus is key!

Stay positive and start your day tomorrow with a focused mission! Follow these 3 steps and you can wave good-bye to strenuous and unproductive days! End your day with a relaxed smile on your face!

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