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10 Life Lessons From Albert Einstein That We All Need to Know

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Albert Einstein is considered to be a genius worldwide for over 130 years now for a reason! He was not afraid to see the world through his own lens. He did not let the world influence his thoughts, instead, he paved a road that will influence the world.

We can learn a lot from his teachings. He grew up during a different time, with a different perspective and there are so many values he brings forward that we can put into practice each day.

According to Albert Einstein here are 10 life tips that we should all know.

  1. Follow your curiosity

Never shy out from asking a question! There is so much we can learn from others if we just ask and listen. If you are watching a show or reading a book and you are curious to learn more you should never hesitate! In today's day and age, we are lucky to have something called Google! It is so easy to learn something new in a flash.

The world is at your fingertips! Grab every opportunity you have to learn something new!

2. Perseverance is priceless

If you have a dream you should chase it! But keep in mind with every adventure, without a doubt, there will be obstacles. Always push until you reach that peak and never look back. Your decision to quit can result in failure instead of accomplishing success!

Take a look at your perspective on the challenges you face in your life. Do you see it as a problem or a solution?

3. Focus on the present

Focus is the key to growth and learning. Being a multitasker isn’t as great as we make it to be. Tasks actually take longer and the results are not 100%.

Never bring yourself down by the challenges from your past and know you have the strength and capability to overcome the task that is at hand.

Remind yourself each day to be present, because if not it is easy to miss out on the many beautiful gifts life gave us.

4. Imagination is priceless

If you have a child at home you can call them a little Einstein because kids are geniuses when it comes to imagination. It is one skill every adult can learn from a child. A stick can be a wand, a shovel, a pretend sword… Think outside the box and accomplish great things!

“If you can dream it, you can do it!” — Walt Disney

5. Make mistakes

It’s okay to make mistakes and you should never feel ashamed about it! We are all human and we are bound to make mistakes. Even Einstein made mistakes, we all do! It is the best way to learn. The key is to learn from them and grow from them.

The real failure is when we are stagnant. We do not bring ourselves to overcome a challenge, learn from a mistake, or to pursue a goal.

6. Live in the moment

It is impossible to really know the future. It is not in our hands, and what if tomorrow never comes? What is important to you? Your family, your friends? Do what makes you happy. Do the things that you always dreamed of doing. “Live every day as if it is your last!”

True success is measured by the peace and love you have within yourself.

7. Create value

Live a life that brings value. Find ways to feel accomplished and not by cash, but by adding value in this world and in the lives of others. Money and material goods will not bring you the satisfaction you need. The positive actions you can make in the world is the value and satisfying feeling that will fill your heart with joy.

Focus on the value you want to bring into the world each day and you will accomplish great things!

8. Don’t expect different results

You are not moving forward in your career, you are not happy with a relationship in your life, or you are not happy with a specific aspect in your life… Whatever the case might be try to do something different. Are you approaching the same problem the same way each time? If you look at the situation from a new lens you will see how to approach it differently. Stay persistent, try new things and you will surely overcome your challenge.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” — Albert Einstein

9. Knowledge comes from experience

The next time your grandparent or an older figure wants to tell you all about how they climbed through snow and up steep hills to get to school I recommend that you sit and listen. Bring your knowledge a step forward and listen to those that can tell you all about their unique experiences.

Accept the opportunity for each life experience. My father always told me, “If you have the chance to do and learn something new you should go for it! You never know when you will need that knowledge!” I live by that lesson every day.

10. Learn the rules and then play it better than anyone else

Number 10 is the best way to summarize each lesson! Make it your mission to stay dedicated and learn everything you can. Persevere and never give up! Study, be a good listener, and grow each day!

Always believe in yourself! Your name may not be Albert Einstein, but know you can accomplish anything you are passionate about! Know you have all the capabilities and never doubt yourself!

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